BC Rugby Website

Below is the website in motion. The live website is viewable at bcrugby.com however changes may have been made since I left my position at BC Rugby therefore it may not reflect the same design shown on this page.

A brand new website designed for BC Rugby with the goal of creating something that was both eye-catching and easy to navigate.

Client: BC Rugby

Design Strategy: The old website used by the organization was outdated, clunky and difficult to navigate. I spent months designing and building this website using WordPress with the intention of creating something that would be modern, clean and intuitive. Features include a Featured Players section that leads to short bios of inspirational players, a dedicated Coaches page to help coaches find the best resources as well as rotating ad space that would act as a shortcut to pages with high traffic (as determined through Google Analytics).

Tools Used: Photoshop, InDesign, WordPress & Google Analytics